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Arthur C. Clarke, the famed Science Fiction author who wrote both the novel and movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" said, "In the future, true technology will be indistinguishable from Magic !!! "

MatchLinC, a 21st- Century "crystal ball" which accurately predicts the success or failure of any Love, Dating or just friendship relationship, certainly fulfills Clarkeís prophecy, scientifically bordering on magic.

Foolishly, a man falls in love with what he sees and wisely a woman falls in love with what a man is !!! But, alas, all of these decisions are still essentially mere guesswork --- a man judging a book by its cover and a woman not knowing (for a long time) what is truly inside a man.

Until now !!!

Enter MatchLinC, civilizationís only tool which enables its user to Reason beyond the limits of their own Intuition: A trusty and magical sidekick that forever removes the guesswork in judging your compatibility with another. There is no other invention like MatchLinC on the face of Planet Earth !!! It stands alone and unparalleled, phantasmagorically unique in concept and application.

Put simply, if you were endowed with telepathy and upon meeting anyone for the very first time, could reach inside them mentally and emotionally, you would instantly know a personís inner qualities and characteristics and whether you will get along with that person or not.

Well, telepathy, if it exists at all, is a rare bird. But, MatchLinC now exists and gives its every owner, the next best thing to instant telepathy !!!

And if that isnít magical, we donít know what is.


What qualifies MatchLinC to be your own personal relationship advisor may be summarized in the following statements:

  1. I am not "telepathic". MatchLinC IS !!!

  2. I do not have "x-ray vision". MatchLinC DOES !!!

  3. I am human and make mistakes. MatchLinC does NOT !!!

  4. I am not a "crystal ball." MatchLinC IS !!!

  5. My judgment of people can be cloudy. MatchLinC is always CLEAR!!!

  6. I canít predict the success or failure of relationships. MatchLinC CAN and DOES !!!

  7. I am not an expert on people. MatchLinC IS !!!

  8. I am only human and sometimes make "people-decisions" irrationally. MatchLinC is a tiny, key-chain computer which makes ALL "people-decisions" RATIONALLY !!!

  9. Human decisions may take months to decide. MatchLinC decides in a SPLIT-SECOND !!!

  10. My "people-decisions" are based upon one personís experiences --- Mine !!! MatchLinC decisions are based upon THOUSANDS of personís experiences and DECADES of accumulated psychological research !!!


So, why would I want to buy, own and use a MatchLinC ? Why, for all the above 10 reasonsÖ and for one more: Itís FUN to use !!!

Read  a story that you can relate to, and  find out from the people who use MatchLinC how their lives can be positively affected or even be changed so delightfully that it seems magical!

See Products / Ordering for more information on purchasing your own MatchLinC.

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October 08, 2004
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