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Tanya, age 30, is a young lady professional who works in the "Pit" at the New York Stock Exchange, primarily buying and selling high-tech stocks. Although she is surrounded daily by male traders, she is far too busy to get to know any of them intimately.

Her MBA now behind her and 4 years on the job, she dreams of finding "Mr. Right" to either date or settle down with. Eventually she would like to marry and have children. But, what with her present frenzied-paced life and career schedule, she simply doesn’t have the desired time needed to select a fully-compatible beau.

Moreover, as many men are not what the seem at first, if only she had a FOOLPROOF way to speed-up and improve her selection process to SAFELY avoid potentially controlling, possessive and abusive men and know beforehand the inner characteristics of a prospective paramour.

A crystal ball, if it existed, to PREDICT the compatibility of her to another, would be so welcome. But, alas, crystal balls are only a make-believe fantasy.

Until NOW !!!

Enter MatchLinC, the world’s FIRST and ONLY electronic, computerized, portable matchmaker she can carry on a key-chain or necklace it is so light and tiny --- a girl’s dream come true !!! Cupid’s crystal ball to her rescue. MatchLinC was invented with women in mind.

By first securely inputting her own Personality Profile into MatchLinC by answering a set of simple True or False questions (a process that takes just a few minutes), all she has to do from that moment forward is to compare her profile to another and she will know in less than 1 second if she and another are compatible or not, and exactly to what degree !!!

By purchasing and using MatchLinC in her decision-making process, she saves time, avoids hurt feelings, sadness, despair, emptiness and loneliness, and finds true love and happiness --- all because MatchLinC, a "Rate-a-Date" tool for the 21st-Century empowered her to precisely locate a SAFE, high-quality companion, just like her.

Further, she discovered to her amazement and delight she was able to find two female friends whose likes and dislikes matched her own, who are now fast friends of hers also, because MatchLinC PREDICTS successful (or not) relationships between people, regardless of gender, age or country of origin !!!

Moreover, as Tanya has plans of starting her own business someday, she learned that MatchLinC can also be appropriately designed to expedite the hiring process --- matching a Company or Employer to a prospective employee to insure maximum production --- by hiring a harmonious worker to work compatibly with existing staff.

In our frenetic, hectic world of voice-mail, e-mail, snail-mail, phone tag, frustrating phone menus, traffic jams and the surreal speed of life, there is little time left to find quality relationships. Let MatchLinC do this work for you by quickly separating the winners from the losers out there. MatchLinC empowers every woman to correctly choose her ideal mate, better than even her own Mother could do for her or a professional matchmaking service !!!

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Lynnette had been attending the main campus at the University of Pittsburgh for a year, majoring in Molecular Biology and Genetics when Gary, one of her lab partners, showed her MatchLinC for the very first time. She secretly despised Gary and, of course, was sexually repulsed by him, but thought it was a result of his unkempt hygiene.

When he demonstrated how easily MatchLinC compared two people’s personality profiles and predicted their future compatibility, she "matchlinCed" with him and discovered that MatchLinC accurately foretold that she and Gary were barely "tolerable" as a result of grossly different inner characteristics and not merely his hygiene. Delighted to learn there existed an actual invention which corroborated her feelings, she felt she might be able to buy and TRUST MatchLinC to sort out the chaff from the wheat of people in the future.

Gary gave her MatchLinC’s web site address and she eagerly purchased this people "crystal ball", a REAL --- not fake --- "Psychic Network."

Three weeks later, she had had so much fun "matchlinCing" with her friends and total strangers at the Student Union, that word of "the lady who possessed that ‘thing’ that would tell you if you and your boyfriend were meant for each other" spread like wildfire until finally first tens, then hundreds of students purchased MatchLinCs and a whole new way of meeting people started to take place.

Total strangers would pass one another on their way to classes and say "Do we match?" or "LinC me lady" and it became first a fad, then a trend to pull out your MatchLinC and securely flash "Who I am" to a fellow MatchLinC owner and both the sender and receiver knew instantly if they could be good friends, great friends, lovers or "Forget it." No conversation was even needed, just a flick of a button !!!

Many students began wearing MatchLinC on a necklace to "signify" their prestige of ownership and would pass one another, halt briefly, exchange their personality profiles securely and then either stop to talk or move on, depending on the results.

The importance of always carrying your MatchLinC with you to meet the most compatible people for you, took on such a life of its own that some students would forget to put on their wristwatches in the morning but never forget to carry their MatchLinCs !!!

It was even overheard in Economics 101 when a professor admonished one student walking late into his class and observing a MatchLinC in his hand: "Young man, ‘Time is money’, don’t you own a watch?", to which the startled professor heard the student reply: "No, a watch only tells you the PAST. MatchLinC tells you the FUTURE and any invention that can accurately predict my future happiness with people is more important to me than a watch !!!"

And so it went through the Ivy leagues of Harvard, Princeton and Yale on the east coast to the Stanfords and Berkeleys in the west and Community colleges in between, that owning a MatchLinC might well be more important than even owning a watch because somebody always has the time, but you’re not really "complete" unless you’re attired with a MatchLinC !!!

And for a woman, as "Smart is Beautiful", Lynnette even felt more beautiful just knowing she owned a MatchLinC, a smart thing to own, especially since MatchLinC helps ferret out potentially controlling, possessive and abusive acquaintances, giving her a factor of SAFETY in selecting new friends, male or female.

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Brittany, age 16 is in 10th grade at her local public high school. She wants to find both male and female friends who share many of her interests and, in particular, who have similar values, morals and ethics. The school year has just started for her and she is excited with all the choices she has to pick new friends.

Her parents heard about and bought her a pair of MatchLinCs for her birthday. Her home life is stable and loving and she saw her parents use MatchLinC which gave her confidence that MatchLinC accurately evaluates the compatibility of people in relationships. As well, she and her slightly older brother and sister used MatchLinC to compare their compatibility and she was able to observe first-hand that MatchLinC faithfully and reliably advised of their differences, regardless of gender. She feels confident taking MatchLinC with her to school and trying it out on her friends, friends-to-be and total strangers.

A month later, not only has she found 3 new girlfriends who are just like her, but her first real boyfriend whom she is happy with and, above all, whom her parents approve of and trust her with.

Having MatchLinC by her side and always-ready to be her personal advisor, her self-esteem has improved, her loneliness has disappeared, her grades have improved since Jr. High and she knows for certain that for the rest of her life she has discovered that MatchLinC will always be there to advise her who is compatible with her or not, thus saving her immense time, despair and heart-break in her future relationships. Even her shyness at meeting strangers has disappeared.

Her thrill at all her good fortune caused many other high school students to purchase MatchLinCs for themselves and now hundreds of kids at her school are "matchlinCing" with their friends-to-be and interacting with kids at other area schools. All successfully because of MatchLinC.

Teachers and PTA members have remarked glowingly of this incredible new compatibility predictor and note there seems to be less tension in the high school than ever before. Kids now have a fun tool in their hands and instantly know if a total stranger --- guy or girl --- they meet will be right for them, especially since MatchLinC helps ferret out potentially controlling, possessive and abusive acquaintances, giving users a factor of SAFETY in selecting new friends.

Brittany’s brother David, 17, successfully used his MatchLinC to find a new and ideal girlfriend and also by comparing his personality profile with dozens of male acquaintances, he discovered that 3 of them were perfect matches and was able to feel confident that if they went into a house-painting business that summer, as they all planned, it could well be successful because everyone was proven to be so compatible beforehand.

And finally, the phenomenon of MatchLinC so caught everyone up in its wake of popularity that "MatchLinC Parties and Dances" were planned and local reporters covered some of these events, marveling at the scientific majesty of being able to bring unity and harmony to an otherwise difficult time for teenagers experimenting with life and trying to meet Mr. or Ms Right !!!

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To ORDER the fantastic, incredible MatchLinC to find YOUR perfect soul-mate, regardless of your age or gender, click here NOW !!                             

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John and Martha had been faithfully and lovingly devoted to each other in marriage for over 30 years when Martha suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

John was devastated beyond words, his grief all but paralyzing him. His heart was so broken that he could hardly venture out of his home for nearly a year. His very reason for existence --- Martha --- now gone, crippled his soul and his children feared he, too, might follow Martha soon. But, somehow, he hung on and, after a year, at least was going through the motions of existing, if not actually living.

He began going to the local weekly Bingo nights, his church, the Senior Citizens center and a few dances, but inwardly, he was always searching for another Martha, someone with her inner characteristics he could draw strength from.

Finally one day, his eldest son felt he could broach the subject with his father and said, "Dad, you taught me all the rules of life you could but I have learned other things too. What I am about to say to you won’t even seem right at first, but it is because it works. You are rightfully and understandably still in love with Mom. Of course, you will always love her. But, so long as you are IN LOVE with her, your heart will always be broken and you will forever hurt and be sad. The only way I know for you to heal and get well emotionally is to fall OUT of love by falling INTO love AGAIN !!!

"Mom would want this for you as she always had your best interest at heart. It is the only way, Dad, but I also have something that I found in the AARP newsletter that will help you find someone else like Mom. It’s called MatchLinC and borders on the miraculous. I ordered a pair for you because I love you dearly and want the best for you too."

At first John resisted, but not wanting to offend his son, looked at the MatchLinCs in the box and read the simple instructions. He had to admit he ws intrigued with the possibilities. MatchLinC promised it could accurately and correctly PREDICT the success or failure of ANY human relationship like a "crystal ball" in advance, and advise John of the precise compatibility of any future friend or mate, regardless of age or gender. Preposterous claim, he thought to himself. No invention can do this and find someone for me just like Martha. But, I’ll try it out just to prove my son wrong.

Armed with this silly gizmo on a key-chain called MatchLinC, he returned to the Bingo hall, the Senior Citizens center and the weekly Dance for Golden Years folks.

It was kind of fun to approach other lonely people, equally desiring warmth and companionship, and say, "Hey, you wanna see if we’re compatible? I got this here invention that will tell us." He quickly noted it was a wonderful ice-breaker, if nothing else.

A week later, John was absolutely STUNNED at what he was observing. MatchLinC was verifying what he already knew about some old acquaintances and might therefore be extremely trustworthy with total strangers. And then, out of the blue, he met Esther and when he "matchlinCed" with her, the little gizmo said they were perfected matched !!! Incredulous and skeptical, but a little elated, he took a leap of faith and asked her out on a picnic.

That was months ago and dates later and John is ecstatic at finding Esther. He will always love and never forget Martha and knows two things: That Martha would be happy for him and if she were still alive, would be best friends with Esther because they are so much alike and so equally compatible with John. Marriage might even be a future possibility, all because of MatchLinC !!!

His life now renewed with hope and vibrancy, he tells anyone who will listen: "Every now and then, something comes along that exceeds your wildest expectations. MatchLinC not only promises, MatchLinC delivers !!! Men might be from Mars and women Venus, but MatchLinC is from planet Earth. And changed my life as it will yours if you want it to."

So, if you are older, heartbroken, sad, empty or lonely, take time to meet MatchLinC and MatchLinC will take all the time and guesswork out of meeting the most suitable and ideal companions for you.

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To ORDER the fantastic, incredible MatchLinC to find YOUR perfect soul-mate, regardless of your age or gender, click here NOW !!                            

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When Kathy first met and fell head-over-heels in love with Mark six years ago, she just knew in her heart that her marriage was the one "made-in-Heaven", and that her mother didn’t understand that Mark’s drinking was only social. Now, 3 young children later and a divorce a year-old, she was lonely, exhausted from working two jobs and desperately wanted to meet someone compatible who was not abusive.

One day while waiting to pick up her youngest from the day care center, she overheard one mother say to another, "That’s what I said. MatchLinC’s better than any single’s bar, professional dating service, even your mother’s advice, that is, if you’re really serious about finding ‘Mr. Right.’ It worked perfectly for me and I’m happier now than I’ve ever been before. That’s why I became an independent distributor for MatchLinC. I bring joy into people’s lives and get paid for it too !!! "

And that was how Kathy acquired her first pair of "His-n-Hers" MatchLinCs. Now, to put it to the test.

At her main day job were 3 possible candidates to date, one of whom seemed to want to flirt with Kathy, the other two she knew next-to-nothing about. But, after reading the simple instructions and comparing her personality profile to her Mom, Dad, two sisters and her brother, plus two neighbors, she trusted the accuracy of MatchLinC’s ability to correctly PREDICT the compatibility of people, and exactly to what degree !!! Most of all, especially in her case, she appreciated the fact that MatchLinC had a safety factor built-in for women that helped them ferret out potentially abusive, controlling and possessive men.

With a warm glow of confidence about her, now that she carried MatchLinC in her purse, she first approached Larry at work, feeling easy inside because MatchLinC was also a lovely and FUN ice-breaker and any normal nervousness was gone. She "matchlinCed" with him and discovered that he and she were barely "tolerable", compatibility-wise.

Later, she compared herself with Bruce and they tested out better, but still only "average." Three hours later, at lunch in the cafeteria, she "matchlinCed" with Wayne and VOILA, a perfect, perfect

match !!! When she explained to him in detail what that meant, he asked her out on a date.

That was 6 weeks ago and about 10 dates later and she is excited beyond herself as Wayne likes her, her kids, is always considerate and respectful, has so much in common with her and, most of all, they NEVER fight and hardly disagree. It is almost as if she now knows a mirror-image of herself and all because MatchLinC correctly PREDICTED it would turn out this way !!!

Secretly she knows that she and Wayne are "destined" for each other and that, in time, he will eventually propose marriage to her because he, too, has never found his "Miss Right" until now either.

Score ANOTHER triumph for MatchLinC !!!

For additional reasons to buy MatchLinC, click here NOW !!!

To ORDER the fantastic, incredible MatchLinC to find YOUR perfect soul-mate, regardless of your age or gender, click here NOW !!                     

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Mary was painfully shy and, at age 25, could not understand why she could not get over her condition, despite having taken a few steps like enrolling in seminars, a public speaking course and a support group to help shy people.

But, the support group did enlighten her to two things: Recent research uncovered a gene that actually may cause a natural tendency to be shy and that a breathtaking new invention called MatchLinC seriously helps shy people to feel more confident in meeting and interacting with strangers by correctly PREDICTING compatibility between people, thus helping to reduce "awkward moments" and is a terrific ice-breaker at those times. Not to mention, a heck of a lot of FUN, too !!!

After ordering and receiving a pair of MatchLinCs, she first "matchlinCed" with her very small cadre of friends, both male and female, and after 2 weeks of this realized she had found a 21st-century "diamond-in-the-ruff" as those who had proven to be the most compatible with her were also the same people she had always been the least shy with.

Reasoning correctly that if that were true, if she sought out only the most compatible of potential friends who were most like her, that although her innate shyness would probably never leave her, all future relationships, if based on her MatchLinC personal advisor, would greatly reduce the tension and embarrassment of shyness and make her more comfortable, confident, and do so much FASTER !!!

She found herself telling new acquaintances that she was shy and asking them to "MatchLinC" with her to help her. To her delight, people accommodated her request all the time, as she truthfully told them MatchLinC was a "crystal-ball" people-predictor and they were intrigued themselves to try out this new, fun-filled invention.

But, secretly she was on the "prowl" for her first real boyfriend and knew it was only a matter of time before she found an ideal mate, someone so like her that her long moments of silence would be understood and accepted, maybe even shared and enjoyed.

Enter Justin into her life, even more shy than she.

He ran into her literally when she was behind him in a fast-food line. His drink had spilled and he tramped on her foot while startled. He whispered a soft, shy "I’m sorry" but lingered a moment too long to gaze into her eyes. She amazed even herself when she boldly said "If you’re truly sorry, join me for lunch."

That was how it all started. They sat down at a booth in the restaurant and she said "I’m shy too, but look at this" and pulled out MatchLinC. For the very first time with a total stranger, MatchLinC predicted perfect compatibility, all green lights advising her it would be safe for her to "open-up." And when she explained to Justin what MatchLinC had predicted for them, he visibly relaxed and nature took its course.

That was some time ago. Justin and Mary are going steady now --- two people still innately shy, but NOT WITH EACH OTHER !!! Like a magic wand, MatchLinC PREDICTED this and two lonely people found each other, leaving loneliness, low self-esteem and emptiness behind them.

Two lives are now complete and truly content for the first time, all because of MatchLinC !!!

If you are like Justin and Mary USED TO BE, and want to be what they are now --- FINALLY HAPPY --- call on MatchLinC to come to the rescue, the best Knight in shining armor since the days of Camelot !!!

So, if you are TOO SHY to meet people, start with MatchLinC --- the rest is up to you !!!

For additional reasons to buy MatchLinC, click here NOW !!!

To ORDER the fantastic, incredible MatchLinC to find YOUR perfect soul-mate, regardless of your age or gender, click here NOW !!                             

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