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   : : : : : :       When it comes to submitting your personality profile anywhere, be conscious of SECURITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, and  ERASURE after use. Don't be an open book to anyone!



We are living in the years of information age and a lot of wonderful things have being happening with the continuous up-swing evolution of the electronics revolution: Cellular phones, satellite TV, Credit cards, ATM machines, computers, communications, superb video & audio quality, and thousands of other things that we can think of that work to our advantage and well being..

Just like weeds grow in good grass, or with 'good' there is 'evil',  here too, there are things that have popped up that we find unpleasant, intruding, intimidating and sometimes, down right dangerous. We are all aware and displeased with how available to anyone are our medical records, employment records, records on religious / political affiliations, records on personal income & supplemental earnings, bank accounts, social security number, etc. The list goes on. 

But somehow we are coping with all this and accept it, because subconsciously we consider it EXTERNAL from ourselves. We remain satisfied we continue to keep the one thing that is sacred and most important to us: our privacy that guards our inner personality! This is one of the reasons why we do not want to "be known like a book" and thus, be predictable, unchallenging and uninteresting to others.

So, your awareness in submitting your personality profile should be fueled by the prospect that your inner personality will be revealed and may be used in manipulative ways without your knowledge or approval.

Here are the important points as to why MatchLinC has been designed with regards to YOUR SECURITY, CONFIDENTIALITY & PRIVACY of your soul:


MatchLinC ENCRYPTS your personality profile to stop potential hackers from retrieving your profile and later use it against you in a number of ways: romantic, behavioral, financial or otherwise.


MatchLinC ERASES your personality profile after the comparison in the other person's device. As such, your profile never becomes anyone's property and your trust is assured.


MatchLinC expertly advises you on how compatible you are with someone else, AS A WHOLE PERSON, versus providing you with compatibility results based on a large number of categories that make up your personality profile.  Individually scoring these categories makes it very easy for someone to reconstruct your profile and thus, the privacy that guards your inner personality is lost.


Technology in the future will not be people's oppressor, so long as certain safeguards are woven into the process.  Related services and products that might seem to provide more than the carefully thought out MatchLinC functions and comparison algorithm, in reality, they may be loaded guns that can backfire.

You can trust that MatchLinC will honor the security of your profile,  as well as the confidence you expect for accurate personality comparisons, ALWAYS!


*** Be confident and secure with MatchLinC. ***


Last modified:
October 08, 2004
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