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MatchLinC Hand-held


Convenient hand-held version that can be carried on your key chain or as a necklace.  

For the most convenient use, each person should have their own MatchLinC.  However, if you are caught in a situation when only yours is available, MatchLinC can still help with no compromises.  Now, the  MatchLinC accepts a second person's profile temporarily to make the comparison, and then discards it to maintain privacy.

MatchLinC hand-held is warranted for workmanship and against any defect.  Of course, you can reprogram it any time you wish to do so.

Currently available colors:  Black &  Red

Click here to purchase MatchLinC. 

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MatchLinC for Clubs/Bars/Promotional Events/Singles Cruises, etc.

This is a system for club or bar owners or for people who organize promotional group events.  It includes an optional Personal Computer that runs Windows 2000/XP, MatchLinC/CBP software, a MatchLinC-PC device and special MatchLinC hand-held devices that are pre-programmed with a custom code (assigned to the owner when the system is purchased).  This code enables the MatchLinCs to operate only in the intended environment.  Therefore, customers will return them after use, thus protecting the owner's investment and the unique fun service to his/her customers.

For more information on system set up, operation and pricing, please contact Simar LLC at

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MatchLinC for custom applications

Simar will custom-modify the questionnaire and/or the comparison method according to customer requirements for his/her special application.  For example, The MatchLinC can be used in an employment setting.  Billions of dollars are spent each year by companies that want to determine, prior to hiring, if the potential employee's inner- personalities blend well within an entire existing staff.  Also, anyone in a leadership role who is forced to place two or more people into a working group can use the MatchLinC to determine if they are compatible with that group so they can perform well-coordinated, team-oriented tasks.

For more information on terms for custom applications MatchLinCs and pricing, please contact Simar LLC at

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Licensing the MatchLinC technology

The MatchLinC technology can be licensed to develop special custom applications products.  For more information see business opportunities or contact Simar LLC at
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October 08, 2004
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