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The MatchLinC is a personal information device to help you make informed decisions about your current and future relationships.  What's more difficult than "breaking the ice" and making conversation to connect with the person you want to meet?  The answer: Trying to find out about that person you said "yes" to on that first date, without asking or being asked a lot of embarrassing questions.
Here's where MatchLinC comes picks up where personal ads and dating services leave off.  You answer a set of questions pertaining to the most important things about your preferences, attitudes and the core of your personality, that you would not ordinarily reveal  to someone - at least not right away.  Only you know how the questions are answered.  Your personal information is forever kept secure.  Then you enter your answers into the MatchLinC by depressing either the 'P' or 'T' button for each questionnaire item, according to the instructions in the Users Guide.  It takes only a few minutes (typically less than 5) to complete this process, and your profile is encrypted and stored inside the computer's memory permanently.  Of course, you can re-program your profile at any time.      
Upon meeting someone else, compare you personality profiles by pointing your MatchLinCs at each other and pressing the 'T' button.  VOILA!  The MatchLinC will instantly show you how compatible you are, in one of eleven levels ranging from 'Excellent' to 'Forget it!'

By having this expert compatibility/relationship advisor it will help you eliminate wasted time, money and personal energy on a dating situation that could end going nowhere.  It could also enhance what already seems to be working by showing you that you have many areas of compatibility.  MatchLinC works as a trailblazer during the first few weeks or months of dating, by clearing away some of the pitfalls you may have a tendency to repeat, and it clears the way for an enjoyable dating experience.
The MatchLinC's logic is based on years of psychology and social studies, and Simar's proprietary method of comparison makes the device very precise. 

Personality profiles are created and stored in the MatchLinC by answering questions based on categories, some of which are listed below: 
Relationship expectations
Emotional responsiveness
Personal behaviors & habits
What you do in your spare time
Sexual orientation and preferences
Topics on religion, substance usage and more
The MatchLinC has already been tested on hundreds of couples from teenagers to elderly with astonishing - and down right unbelievable accuracy!  See Who Uses MatchLinC.  Even though it is extremely entertaining to use, do not think of it simply as a toy or novelty product.  It is as serious as how you view the importance of a successful relationship. 

***   Although the MatchLinC was initially created to determine compatibility in a romantic, emotional or sexual relationship, it can be used to determine compatibility in almost ANY other type of relationship!  For example, it can help you with new friends to determine any future problems before they arise.  You can use the MatchLinC with any person and a romantic intention is definitely not a pre-requisite.

See Products for further information or to purchase MatchLinC.
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October 08, 2004
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