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wpe6.gif (1542 bytes) MatchLinC is the key to how successfully relationships can be attained in the future.  The future is NOW!  Enhance your business and profit with MatchLinC by becoming a Distributor, Retailer or by licensing the technology (if applicable).   MatchLinC has brought to harbor the questing hope of millions and millions of people: 

' a compatible and well matched relationship! '

The MatchLinC Handheld unit is a great value addition to:

bulletRetailers (department stores, mail-order, small businesses...)
bulletTravel (cruise, airlines, singles travels, promotional...)
bulletSingle searches (internet, agencies, publications...)
bulletInternet match-making services
bulletSpecial (clubs, bars, singles' society groups...)
bulletCustom applications (employee hiring, working groups...)

Simar offers OEM design options.  Customize your sales and/or promotional programs with your own logo on the MatchLinC handheld unit.

For more information (pricing, availability, etc.), send email to or write us at: 

Simar LLC. / Marketing
PO Box 571126
Salt Lake City, UT  84157-1126


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October 08, 2004
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